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What does it mean to work at a nurse and female led clinic?

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In this article, we spoke to one of our patient nurse advisors, Sarah Bienenstock, who recently joined us earlier this year.

Sarah’s passion for women’s health has intensified whilst advocating for her own health and supporting her loved ones. She appreciates how challenging it can be to find information and support, which is why she loves working as the first point of contact for patients in the Nurse Patient Advisor role at TWHC.

She talked to us about her experience of working at TWHC, what it means to her that we are nurse and female led and more about her role!

Sarah Bienenstock

What does it mean to you to work at a nurse-led clinic?

Nurses continue to fight through the stereotypes and assumptions that have been placed on our profession for decades, if not longer. We go through medical training and are providing the direct, hands-on service to patients and their families. Being part of a nurse-led team means we are leading with our compassion, understanding and expertise. There is no “hierarchy”, as we have all been through similar training and working backgrounds.

What does it mean to you to work at a female-led clinic?

Providing services for women by women is a key component in demonstrating we are a trustworthy and reliable source of information and support for the women who come to us. We can all sympathise and empathise to a certain extent with every patient’s story that comes our way, whether we have lived a similar experience or we can imagine what it would be like. We are advocating for the health of all women who come to us from a place of wanting to improve the services and support for ourselves as women too. I am striving to have as much of the answers or guidance towards the information women are seeking as possible knowing that I am taking care of my own health at the same time.

I think patients feel more at ease and hopefully safer with their stories because we are female-led. There is something about confiding your female health related issues/experiences with a nurse – even more boldly a female nurse – that makes you feel understood.

What excites you about your role? What is the most challenging part?

I know that we are making a difference in the lives of so many women, which is what excites me the most. The Women’s Health Clinic has built a real community, and I love that we have so much to offer women. We are constantly seeking opportunities to grow and find new ways to inform and support women. I can visualise how big this network can grow, and how many more women we can help. With every great phone call, or great appointment, there is a knock-on effect where she will share her positive experience with more women. As nurses, we want to help, and with this job specifically I am directly receiving appreciation and acknowledgment that I am helping which is incredibly rewarding.

The most challenging part of my job is keeping to the time! I really enjoy speaking with the women over the phone, and I always wish I had more time to hear about them and continue our conversations.

How does it feel knowing you are making an impact to so many women who visit TWHC?

I feel truly honoured to know I am making an impact on women who visit TWHC. I have worked in research, which can be quite far removed from direct impact. I have worked in emergency medicine, which is as direct of an impact as you can get, but everything in emergency areas will generate attention and care to some degree. It is with this type of job though where women who may not ever share their stories, or they have shared their stories thousands of times without being heard or offered options that because we are giving them the time and the information that I feel the direct connection and impact.

How we can help

We have experienced nurses who will take the time to provide you with relevant information and answer any questions you have, so you are able to access the support or treatment that is right for you as an individual. Initial appointments are 45 minutes long allowing you time to explore relevant treatment options and provides the chance to discuss any concerns.
Reach out and talk to somebody, whether that is a friend, colleague, family member or health care practitioner.
Ellen Hart RN

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The ability to speak to someone who was not only knowledgeable, but sympathetic and completely understanding of the menopause was brilliant. The GP and NHS are superb, but they have limited time and resources for this issue, so having alternative option available has been an absolute godsend.

Happy patient who visited the Menopause Clinic

Keran made me feel comfortable and explained all the procedures to me very happy with the service

Happy Nu-V patient

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