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Teach you the skills necessary to perform basic cosmetic procedures 

Injectable Basics

Digital resources | Full day training | Theory | Practical | Assessment | Certification 

Injectable Basics

This course will provide with the knowledge and skills necessary to perform basic cosmetic procedures safely, effectively and with confidence. Following the theory, you will be trained the techniques of deliver botox® and dermal fillers on live models. With the highest level of training supervision, delegates from this course are able to start practising aesthetic procedures the very next day.

Course Description

Deligates will be taught a whole range of topics from Botox® and dermal fillers. They will be introduced to their mechanism of action, the aesthetic consultations and patient aftercare.

For Botox®, the technique taught is the Upper Face Botox® (that is injected to the forehead, flabella, crows’ feet and bunny lines) 

For dermal fillers, the techniques taught are:

  • Lip enhancement
  • Correction of nasolabial folds
  • Correction of marionette lines
  • Cheek augmentation


  1. Gives clear understanding of the science behind Botox® and dermal fillers 
  2. Learn how to provide treatments using appropriate injection methods 
  3. Give confidence to provide effective treatments to clients
  4. Increase skillbase with practical work and theoretical assessments
  5. Provided with tools necessary to develop your own documentation

Course Structure

A day's worth of training

This course provides a day’s theoretical training. Candidates will have access to the materials prior to the session to give some background reading. 

Watch the treatment

There will be the opportunity to watch a treatment being performed by the trainer and to treat models during the session to improve your skills and you will be assessed,



After the training there is a theoretical assessment to test your knowledge. 



Upon completion of the assessment, you will receive a certificate of competence.


Post competition

Access to your own  portal containing your certificates and access to all the online forms along with client and promotional leaflets and banners and your addition to the  network of practitioners, which will drive clients to your clinic for our treatments.


  1. Introduction to Botox® and dermal fillers 
  2. Process of aesthetic consultation
  3. Techniques for both injections 
  4. facial anatomy
  5. mechanism of action for Botox® and dermal fillers
  6. Contraindications
  7. Practical teaching
  8. Assessment and feedback

Topics covered:

  1. Facial anatomy 
  2. Pharmacology of Botox® and dermal fillers
  3. Process of a gold-standard aesthetic consultation
  4. Indications and contraindications 
  5. Areas of administrating and handling Botox®
  6. Areas of administrating and handling dermal fillers 
  7. Botox® and dermal fillers marker
  8. Patient aftercare 
  9. Techniques 
  10. and more 

Who is this course
suitable for?

This course is aimed at:

  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Nurses

Must all have a valid GMC/GDC/NMC number or the international equivalent


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