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About Silvery.Blue

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Silvery Blue aims to reshape the healthcare and aesthetic industry with innovative ideas & technologies while preserving the essence of natural health and well being of human beings.  Our strategy is to empower medical and aesthetic professionals around the globe with a holistic approach to treatment and care. We provide a complete one stop solution from training, treatment, equipment, technology, product delivery to quality control and compliance; all under one umbrella - "Silvery Blue”.

While medical treatments in particular Women’s Health is our primary focus, aesthetic treatments we believe are as important to our physical and mental health. As we age, we want to look and feel the best of ourselves. Therefore ageing beautifully with a treatment, healthcare and nutrition regime perfectly suitable to our needs is what Silvery Blue promotes. Silvery Blue is named after the beautiful endangered butterflies of the Americas. So preservation of all of us through technology is our mission and we endeavour to making a difference in changing the lives of many.

Silvery Blue works with  joint venture partners from all over the world to deliver the most natural & efficient treatment by connecting the frontline healthcare and aesthetics to the continuous research and development programme of innovative technology pioneers.

Silvery blue has been a labour of love between two of the founders of The Womens Health clinic that has seen a passion for the delivery of the best ever patient outcomes in a saturated market. The founders met absolutely by chance and it simply snowballed with their mutual love for the industry and drive to offer the best outcomes at an affordable and clinically excellent environment.
Silvery Blue is an ethical brand that believes in an open, sustainable, eco-friendly and compassionate world with the human health & wellbeing at its core. We can not solve all the problems facing humanity but we can certainly do our best to ensure that we continuously innovate to care and make care affordable for All.
All our clinics are at a CQC regulated level for our medical activities, all our nurse are incredibly passionate about their roles and so very committed to caring for patients and their results ( as well as being partial to the treatments themselves might we add).
If you have, or are planning on having a career in the healthcare and aesthetic industry, we welcome you to be part of the Silvery Blue family where passion, quality, hard work and reward goes hand in hand. If not, we have even more to offer you as Silvery Blue family is all about looking after the very you!

Emma Louise - Founder
Clinical Director, The Womens Health Clinic


Non surgical vaginal rejuvenation for laxity, dryness, incontinence


A simple blood test can unlock exactly what your body needs to go through the menopause – naturally. BHRT | HRT


A consultation in a private setting at a time that is convenient for you, coil fitted by our FSRH-accredited nurses

Non surgical vaginal treatment for £499, delivered by CQC registered Nurse-led clinics nationwide

Women's health matters

Sexual Health

Basic and Advanced STI Test | Quick | Tailored Treatment


Eating disorders | IBS | Anxiety | Depression | Stress | Fears | Phobias


O Shot® | G Shot®| Vaginal laser | Vaginal filler | Vaginal PRP

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Acne Treatment

Peels | Microneedling | Microdermabrasion | Co2 Resurfacing | IPL

Scars and Uneven Skin

Peels | PRP | Microneedling | Co2 Resurfacing | Microdermabrasion

Tattoo Removal

Uncover skin you can be proud of with the safest and most effective treatment for unwanted tattoos

Patient story

Watch our patient on ITV This morning

Talking about her life changing treatment (nu-V)


IPL | Microneedling | Peels | Medical


Reduce the effects of the damage or to inhibit melanin production

Anti-ageing and Skin Rejuvenation

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Fractional CO2 Laser with Glass Tube for aesthetic, surgical and gynaecological procedures


Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). Stable, easier and faster treatment, smart protocols, Rotating technology.


High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU). Deep penetration, non surgical, short treatment time, minimum skin damage

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Moisturising | Cleansing | Extracting | Shining p Hydro Peeling System


Diode Surgical Laser. 3 wavelength and passive cooled lasers all in one system


Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser Q-Switched & Long Pulsed Nd:YAG Laser (2 in 1)

Patient story

Listen to Our patient on BBC Radio 2

Speaking about her cancer ordeal and its impact on her sexualhealth and relationship

Basic Mesotherapy Training

Non-surgical cosmetic treatment that allows multiple injections of pharmaceutical and homeopathic medications

Chemical Cocktail Peels

Level 1 | Delivers effective epidermal exfoliation using peel cocktail treatments

Core of Knowledge

For those planning on working with or buying a Class 3 laser

Ready to learn, live and lead?

A fantastic opportunity to work in one of our many nationwide clinics as well as joining our network of partner clinics.

IPL Training

Designed for any level practitioner planning on working with, or buying an Intense Pulsed Light System (IPL) 

Injectable Basics

Teach you the skills necessary to perform basic cosmetic procedures


Non-invasive procedure that uses tiny crystals or other exfoliating surfaces to help remove the superficial layer of dead skin cells.

Patient story

Watch our patient on ITV This morning

Talking about her life changing treatment (nu-V)

DNA Testing for Fitness

Discover how to get the very best out of your workouts, putting the ‘personal’ in personal training.

DNA Testing for Nutrition

Discover how to build your perfect meal

DNA Testing for Skin

Making your skin care routine truly personal

Ready to unlock the power of genetics?

A fantastic opportunity to find out the answers to important questions regarding your health through DNA.

Aesthetic Prescription

Products unique to you | Specially mixed serum | DNA-determined

Aesthetic Non-Prescription

Confused with product choices?

DNA Testing Medication

Pain management
Cardiovascular medication
Mental health medication
Comprehensive panel


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