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Core of Knowledge

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Core of Knowledge

This course is designed for any level practitioners planning on working with or buying a Class 3 laser and above for any use in aesthetic or medical procedures. We provide a comprehensive insight into various topics related to lasers. This includes an overview of their mechanism, safety and hazard management. 

The course is a precursor to anybody wishing to study the applications of individual laser or light based equipment training, and is often a requirement for insurers, as it shows a dedication to client safety.

Several topics are covered and some product information included. There is a theoretical assessment  to be completed online to give evidence of understanding . This also forms part of a wider modular training program that advances to other therapies and products.

Course Description

The syllabus is based on the The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), suggested syllabus which was proposed following the de-regulation of cosmetic and aesthetic lasers back in 2010, in the consultation document “Guidelines for the safe use of lasers, intense pulsed light sources and LED’s in medical and dental practice”

This course serves to cover that syllabus, with practical advice and tips for safe and efficient practice.

In the Health Education England recent guidance on Non-surgical cosmetic procedures, several reports were compiled aimed at “improving and standardising the training available to practitioners who carry out hair restoration surgery and non-surgical cosmetic procedures, such as botox, chemical peels and laser hair removal.” Their suggestions include CoK as a basic principle of any laser user’s education 

 Many topics are taught alongside product information. At the end, individuals are tested with theoretical assessment that are to be completed. This also forms part of a wider modular training program that advances to other therapies and products.


  1. Understand the science behind laser and light therapy
  2. Increase confidence in providing safe and effective treatments
  3. Obtain the ‘Core of Knowledge’ that is required to be a safe practitioner
  4. Comply with MHRA and HEE guidelines
  5. Prepare for model specific training modules
  6. Provided with tools necessary to develop your own documentation 

Course Structure

A day's worth of training

This course provides a day’s theoretical training. Candidates will have access to the materials prior to the session to give some background reading. 

Watch the treatment

There will be the opportunity to watch a treatment being performed by the trainer and to treat models during the session to improve your skills and you will be assessed,



After the training there is a theoretical assessment to test your knowledge. 



Upon completion of the assessment, you will receive a certificate of competence.


Post competition

Access to your own  portal containing your certificates and access to all the online forms along with client and promotional leaflets and banners and your addition to the  network of practitioners, which will drive clients to your clinic for our treatments.


  1. Introduction
  2. Anatomy and physiology
  3. Indications for treatment
  4. Hazard reduction and legalisation issues
  5. Getting to know your device
  6. Treatment regimes and protocols
  7. Assessment and Feedback

Topics covered:

  1. Introduction to Laser & Light therapy 
  2. Electromagnetic spectrum
  3. Properties of Light
  4. Applications and types of lasers
  5. Ordinary light vs laser
  6. Lasing Media
  7. Chromophores
  8. Skin components absorption
  9. Interaction of light with matter
  10. Pulsing of light
  11. Consultation
  12. and more 

Who is this course
suitable for?

This course is aimed at:

  • All levels of cosmetic/aesthetic practitioners 


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